Khalid AlOmari

"Less time with more value can give you more quality knowledge!"

-Khalid Alomari

Cyber & Coding Teacher

Digital Marketing Expert

Business Entrepreneur

Influencer & Mentor

Main Courses (Not ready yet!)

Software Engineering and Cyber security

Digital Marketing


Artificial Intelligece

Internet of things

University Courses (Students Only!)

Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT)

PETRA University

Balqa Aapplied University

Amman ahliyya university

The World Islamic Sciences and Education University

Princess Sarvath Community College

Luminus College


May 2018 - Apr 2020

Cyber Security Engineer

Cyber Talents - Side Companies (Remotely)
Cyber Talents is a platform that ranks cyber security talents according to their real hands on skills in different cyber security categories by running capture the flag competitions.
Jan 2017 - Mar 2020


Princess Sumayya University of Technology

All Courses: Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Coding with different languages, Logic, Data Structures, Algorithm, Discrete Math I+II, Fundamentals & Structured Programming of Computer Science I+II, Assembly, and Internet of Things – AWS.

Jun 2019 - Sep 2019

Software Engineer


Software Engineer – Java Developer
Project Name: Directory Server Notification Alert.
-AWS, Plus Networking Server Connection Using Java Application and Shell Scripting.
-SMS/Bulk Services.

Jun 2018 - Sep 2018

Software Engineer​ Intern

Microsoft - California Area

Software and Security Developer Intern
-Code Development & Security for Azure.
-Problem Solving.

Jan 2016 - Dec 2017

Software Engineer - Security

Jordan Bearing City

Company type is Automotive Parts and Oil Distributor.
Running as Full-Stack Development and Security.

Jan 2017 - Nov 2017

Software Engineer

Full-Stack Coding Development Assistant, and Software Strategy Development.



AFTER 2020

Stanford University

Stanford Advanced Professional - Computer Sciences, Web Security Intro Professional Certificate

California Miramar University

Masters Degree - Computer and Information Sciences, General

Princess Sumayya University of Technology

Bachelor's Degree - Computer Science & Cyber Security Msc


General Areas

University Teaching 98%
Motivational Speaking 95%
Software Engineering 90%
Cybersecurity 87%
Mentoring 89%

About Me

I am a Software, and Security Engineer who participated in the Cyber Talents hackathon, ranked first place in Jordan in Dec 2019; also, I got listed as third place worldwide rank for more than 5600+ talents. I do many courses related to Software or Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things…etc, and how the connection of these technologies would be a great benefit!

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"It is my great pleasure to personally recommend Khalid for teaching security course. Khalid is one of the most hard working, consistent, and helpful friend and teacher. He has the intellect, passion, and communicative skills to be an outstanding teacher. He truly will be an excellent addition to any university or institute."
"I am studying network and information security engineering , Khalid helps students anytime , Khalid helped me in my first year in programming (C language) , I really thank him for explaining a lot of ideas, and he guided me to the best materials that I will study in the second semester."
Duaa Suliman
Current Student at Princess Sumaya University for Technology
"I have taken several courses with Khalid , Back to information security course he showed outstanding performance by his abilities in discrete mathematics especially in number theory , as well as Khalid has very good time management skills he managed to be a TA while he was student , I have attended his lectures in security he was very direct to the point and capable."
"I had the pleasure of being one of Engineer Khalid's students during my study of the courses Structured Programming and Digital Logic Design. At the start of my study, I faced great difficulty in understanding these two courses, as they were very new to me and did not spark my interest. After taking tuition classes with Engineer Khalid, I felt more relaxed about the courses and began to slowly but surely grasp their main concepts.

Khalid provided a safe and comfortable environment to ask any questions that I had about any of these two courses and continued to motivate me to keep studying for these two courses. He helped me devise a “study plan” that I could follow to ensure that I did not fall behind and that I was fully prepared in time for my examinations. This plan allowed me to structure my time wisely; consequently, I had a tremendous improvement in my quiz marks and overall exam marks.
Lastly, Khalid was always keen to ensure that I made the most suitable decision when it came down to choosing my courses for the next semester. He provided me with great advice about which courses to take and when to take them so that I flowed smoothly through the courses of my Bachelor’s Degree."
"He was an excellent teacher who has high knowledge about the topics he teaches, he delivered a lot of important knowledge to me and opened my eyes about other important topics concerning information security. I wish him all the best."
"A dedicated mentor, with good skills in delivering various topics in an easy and understandable way."
"He was a good teacher, smoothly delivering knowledge to me, good representor and have high knowledge about what he is teaching."

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